Death Stranding: Songs From The Video Game 3LP

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Формат носителя  Винил 12” (LP)
Жанр Саундтрек (OST)
Количество носителей 3
Лейбл Mondo

Категории: Вінілові платівки

Теги: death stranding

In DEATH STRANDING, Sam Porter Bridges' quest across America is filled with long stretches of terrain: Mountains to scale, rivers to traverse, and endless beautiful plains. And often when the coast is clear of dangers, the game will kick on a beautiful song in which to soundtrack your trek. These moments in the game are some of the most beautiful reminders to enjoy the small moments of beauty, and to allow the journey to be the destination.


Side A
1. Don't Be So Serious by Low Roar
2. Bones by Low Roar feat. Jófriður
3. Easy Way Out by Low Roar
4. Poznan by Low Roar

Side B
5. Asylums for the Feeling by Silent Poets feat. Leila Adu
6. Once in a Long, Long While by Low Roar
7. St. Eriksplan by Low Roar

Side C
8. Death Stranding by Chvrches
9. Please Don't Stop Chapter 1 by Low Roar
10. Because We Have To by Low Roar
11. Waiting (10 Years) by Low Roar

Side D
12. Almost Nothing by Silent Poets feat. Okay Kaya
13. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight by Low Roar
14. Nobody Else by Low Roar

Side E
15. The Machine by Low Roar
16. Anything You Need by Low Roar
17. Give Up by Low Roar
18. Patience by Low Roar

Side F
19. Path by Apocalyptica
20. Not Around by Low Roar
21. I'm Leaving by Low Roar
22. I'll Keep Coming by Low Roar

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