Infinite Jest (D. F. Wallace)

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Автор Дэвид Фостер Уоллес (David Foster Wallace)
Видавництво Little, Brown and Company, Back Bay Books
Мова  Англійська
Кількість сторінок 1079
Формат 240х160 мм
Жанр Постмодернизм, сатира
Ілюстрації Відсутні

Категорії: Книги

A gargantuan, mind-altering comedy about the pursuit of happiness in America. Set in an addicts' halfway house and a tennis academy, and featuring the most endearingly screwed-up family to come along in recent fiction, Infinite Jest explores essential questions about what entertainment is and why it has come to so dominate our lives; about how our desire for entertainment affects our need to connect with other people; and about what the pleasures we choose say about who we are.

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