Lone Wolf 2100: Red File

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Издательство Dark Horse
Переплет Скоба
Язык  Английский
Кол-во страниц 32
Формат 170х260 мм (стандарт.)
Жанр Постапокалипсис, Приключения, Фантастика
Иллюстрации Цветные

Категории: Комиксы

Now available for the first time anywhere, information ripped from the secret files of Terasawa, the android avatar of the Cygnat Owari's Supreme Executive. Learn the hidden truth behind Dr. Ogami's murder! Discover the classified details of the robot, android, and human assassins employed by Terasawa in his quest to destroy Itto and return Daisy Ogami to the Cygnat Owari labs! Find out how Terasawa has used the man made plague known as the War Spore to his own ends! More than just a "handbook" with information about the characters, these secret files tell an important story that forms the backdrop to all of Itto and Daisy's adventures! This dossier-style book is packed with information and drawings that were part and parcel of the development of the hit series Lone Wolf 2100. Also includes dozens of new illustrations and designs!

Ми працюємо кожен день з 12 до 17 без вихідних і обідніх перерв!