Totally Awesome Hulk TPB Vol.1

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Автор Грег Пак (Greg Pak)
Иллюстратор Фрэнк Чо (Frank Cho)
Издательство Marvel
Переплет Мягкий
Язык  Английский
Кол-во страниц 144
Формат 170х260 мм (стандарт.)
Жанр Приключения, Супергероика
Иллюстрации Цветные

Категории: Комікси

Теги: халк

"Cho Time!" Collects Totally Awesome Hulk (2015) #1-6 and material from Planet Hulk (2015) #1. Written by Greg Pak. Art by Frank Cho. Cover by Frank Cho. There's a brand-new Hulk in town, and his name is Amadeus Cho! Get ready for gamma-fueled entertainment as the newly empowered kid genius decides he's gonna be the best Hulk ever - and just possibly brings the entire world crashing down into chaos! Cho is taking on the biggest monsters in the Marvel Universe, but can he handle the danger posed by Lady Hellbender? What will She-Hulk and Spider-Man make of this very different Green Goliath? What will the Enchantress make him do? And what, exactly, happened to Bruce Banner? With monster mayhem in the Mighty Marvel Manner, this is better than incredible - it's totally awesome! Plus: amazing science, SECRET WARS style, starring the Amadeus Cho of Battleworld! Softcover, 144pages, full color. Cover price $17.99.

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