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Маска Mr. Robot Fsociety

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We can't really utter the actual F Society message because we try to keep things family-friendly around here, but if you've seen the AMAZING show Mr. Robot you already know what this is. It comes from a weird and obscure horror movie that Elliot and his sister Darlene watched in their childhood. When they decided to become hackers, there was only one good choice for their mascot, and that's how F Society's official mascot was born. This mask is officially licensed and high-quality, so you too can become Mr. Robot in seconds. After that, all you need is to add a hoodie, or maybe a tuxedo, and an old VHS camera so you too can make some mysterious messages for the public. Just try and keep it nice and friendly, okay? We like to keep everything nice and friendly around here, even when talking about our maniacal masks! Mr. Robot Fsociety Adult Mask Molded plastic mask Elastic band around back of head Foam pad inside for comfort & positioning Officially licensed

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