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Маска Spider-Man

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Listen, you don’t want to head through the city fighting villains without a mask. Nothing good ever comes of it when the public learns about your secret identity. Super villains like Doctor Octopus start threatening Aunt May. The Green Goblin will kidnap your girlfriend and throw her off a bridge. J. Jonah Jameson will run a slander campaign on you in the newspapers. Just ask Spider-Man about all that—people have learned about his secret identity of Peter Parker on different occasions and he can attest to it! That’s why you really need this Spider-Man hood if you want to moonlight as a superhero.

This adult Spider-Man mask looks like the one worn by Peter Parker in the Marvel comic books. Just slip it on over your face and the Green Goblin will have no idea who it is underneath the mask. It’s a great addition to any Spider-Man costume, but also just makes for a great mask to wear when you need to hide your secret identity from your family members at that next awkward family reunion.

Adult Spider-Man Hood
100% polyester
Fabric hood covers entire face & head
Mesh-covered eye openings - will restrict vision
Officially licensed

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